Who is 7run3?

7run3 was formed as a collective group for runners who love running. We are about improving ourselves through competition and training.  We do not focus on a single distance or event. Many members train and compete in 5Ks to far greater distances. We formed the group as a place where we could train and push each other to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be and still have fun along the way.

7run3 is not about a certain pace. We have members that run a variety of paces and time goals. Regardless who finishes we all help each other to become the best runners that we can be.

Why 7run3?

It's okay, some of our founding members didn't get it at first either. One of the area codes of Houston is "713" so take the "1" and replace it with "run" and you have 7run3. We like training in Houston so much we figure there is no better way to honor our town making it part of the name.  Training in Houston is part of what defines us. Running through the year especially in the Summer heat is hard work. Finding success in running despite these challenges is what 7run3 is all about.

How do I join the club?

We are always on the look out for new like-minded members. Whether you are a new runner or a grizzled veteran, as long as you enjoy the camaraderie found in running and are looking to improve this might be the club for you.

The club doesn't give out carbon copy marathon training programs that have been passed around across the internet. Instead we rely on the vast experiences and expertise of many of our members to create a tailored training plan that works for you. 


7run3 is proud to be an official member of the following organizations:

Road Runers Club of America Houston Area Road Runners Association